Vitiligo cures

Cell damage in vitiligo patients:

  1. Disturbance in phenylalanine hydroxylase activity during an anomaly in the biopterin cycle / 6-BH4.Epidermal H2O2 accumulation alters the tetrahydrobiopterin (6-BH4) cycle, which is recognised for its importance during the initial stages of melanin and catecholamine synthesis, which are accompanied by a fall in catalase levels. A supply of calcium and catalase reduces the level of H2O2 and regulates the biopterin cycle.
  2. Tyrosinase is a crucial enzyme in the process of melanogenesis which ensures skin pigmentation. Tyrosinase is inhibited in the presence of free oxygen radicals (superoxide ion O2-). A supply of catalase, SOD and ginkgo biloba reduces levels of H2O2 and O2-.
  3. Melanin whitens in the presence of oxygen radicals (.OH). A supply of catalase, SOD and ginkgo biloba helps to reduce levels of .OH.


Gel de la depigmentación cutánea

IDEALDERM Viti conjunto

1x IDEALDERM Viti Gel (50ml)

2x IDEALDERM Viti cápsulas (2x 60 cápsulas)