VitiDerm Gel and Capsules
Regulator and stimulant for dermal depigmentation.

VitiDerm gel and capsules

VitiDerm was developed by doctors P. Lemoine, Phounsavath, E. Steinheimer, Selosse & Debavelaere on the basis of in-depth research and tests.

Formulated with an optimum combination of ingredients whose benefits have been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies, VitiDerm delivers a concentrated cocktail of high-performing active substances:


- Vegetable-based melon extract: rich in anti-oxidising agents (superoxede dismutase - SOD and catalase),
helps restore normal physiological conditions in terms of free radicals at the keratinocyte and melanocyte level.

- Ginkgo Biloba: an antiradical, like melon, to combat the free radicals which cause damage to cells and melanocytes.

- Vitamin D3 (calcium chloride) helps preserve the cell membrane structure and contributes to the production of melanin.

- L-Cystine an amino acid with antioxidant properties which is involved in the synthesis of melanin.

- Zinc, copper, selenium, folic acid, vitamins C and B12 to compensate for the deficiencies typically found in persons with skin depigmentation.

- Vitamin E limits oxidation of the melanocyte membranes.






VitiDerm Gel

VitiDerm Gel Depigmentation regulator

Optimized formula.

VitiDerm Capsules

Capsules Pigmentation enhancer.

Optimized formula.

VitiDerm Set

  • 1x VitiDerm Gel (Sealed tube, 100 ml)
  • 2x VitiDerm Capsules (2x60 capsules)